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Furniture Shrinking Wrapping Services
Truck packing loading services
Palletize Ice Cream Machine and ship from LA to NJ
Crating Machinery and Shipping from MD to CA
Packing Services
Palletizing Wrapping Services
Furniture Packing Services
Palletized 3D PRINTER Machine and Ship from GA to CA
Wrap Printers Palletize and Ship from PA to Ohio
Furniture Packing Services
Wrapping Chairs, Palletize and Shipping from NM-ID
Pack Palletize and Ship from Fresno to Alaska
Wrapping Custom Bed, Palletizing and Shipping
Custom build wooden crates and palletizing
Furniture Packing Services
Shipping Palletized Chairs from NY to Saudi Arabia
Packing Services
Crating and Shipping from JFK airport to Los Angeles
Load Pods Container services
Crating and Shipping from Indiana to Germany 775s
Shipping Furniture from New Jersey to Florida
Custom Wooden Crates
Shinking wrapping build wooden crates and palletizing
Packing Computers Palletize and Ship from FL to NY
Packing Services
Packing Wrapping Services
Custom build wooden crates
Custom wooden crate services
Nasa Job Crate and Ship from Virginia to Europe
Palletizing Wrapping Services
Containers packing loading services
Wrap Laser Machine Palletize and Ship from NY to CA
Containers packing loading services
Packing Car Parts, Palletize and Ship from TX to AL
Ship Palletized Restaurant Equipment from VA to MI
Crating and Shipping from Canaan, CT to Argentina
Pack computers palletize and ship from NY to Vegas
Shipping Custom Crate from Honolulu to Raleigh
Palletizing Wrapping Services
Truck container loading services

Esther Cullum.

Esther Cullum

Great all around. Time and packing. Will use again.
Joan Gleason.

Joan Gleason
The packing service was outstanding, couldn't have done it without them, thanks for a great service.
Krista Romanoski

Shrink Wrapping | Pallet Furniture | Palletizing New Jersey

Palletize Boxes, Furniture and Machinery with Guaranteed Flat Rate Quotes

Shrink Wrapping Palletizing Services, Pallet Furniture & Boxes, Palletizers

New Jersey STATE

New Jersey  Palletize Boxes, Furniture and Machinery with Guaranteed Flat Rate Quotes

Packing Service, Inc. (PSI) has been a leading professional shrink-wrapping and Palletizing Company since 2003, with over 12 years experience and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. We at PSI pride ourselves in being members of the Better Business Bureau since 2007. Each and every one of our palletizing crew must have experience providing on-site shrink-wrapping and palletizing services for at least one year before they can work with our company. We are professionals and we will only work with other professionals who are serious about offering only the best in shrink wrapping and palletizing services nationwide. Whether you require us to palletize boxes, palletize machinery, or palletize furniture, our team of professionals can handle any job and any size item, in a fraction of the time it will take those other guys. We only use quality wooden pallets, built strong and for the purpose of either domestic or international Shipping Services. As with all our services, our shrink-wrapping and palletizing will always be provided within our one guaranteed flat rate quote. We will never provide you an estimate that will fluctuate. We provide only flat rate quotes for each and every service we offer!

A pallet, often referred to as a "skid", is a flat wooden transporting structure that serves as a foundation for your items to be lifted by a forklift, pallet jack, front loader or other jacking device. Palletizing your belongings is among the safest and most secure ways to transport large or bulky items over long distance, because of the way they are handled. PSI's shrink-wrapping service is among the best in the transport industry, only using quality grade shrink-wrap applied with the utmost care when gathering your belongings.

Being a professional shrink-wrapping and palletizing company, PSI can handle any size job and ship your items both domestically and internationally. Our Shipping methods and all the materials we use are top quality as we are professionals and you deserve nothing less than the best for your hard-earned money.

Check out our palletizing systems:

* We place the strongest and heaviest pieces on the bottom and go as high as we can (optimum height is 5-6 ft tall).
* We strap your items to the pallet (usually 40"x48" or 40"x40").
* Ensure the Shrink Wrap Palletizing also grabs all sides of the pallet.
* Cover the top of your pallet with shrink-wrap to keep your cargo clean and safe.
* 2 to 4 layers of shrink wrap are applied for added support and safety.

We as a leading professional shrink-wrap on-site palletizing services company as well as our palletizing crew understand the importance of safety and take it upon ourselves to place your items on quality wooden pallets, securely wrapping item(s), strapping them down to the pallet and shrink-wrapping them directly to each pallet preparing them for shipping. When requesting shrink-wrap palletizing services, always inform the company providing you the services whether the items will be shipped domestically or internationally as international shipments require heat-treated wood and this will prevent you from wasting valuable time and money. Regardless if you must palletize boxes, palletize furniture or palletize machinery with our company, we do not provide estimates, no hidden costs, no extra charges, no misunderstandings and no time charges at all. We only provide guaranteed flat rate quotes! Call or email PSI now for a flat rate quote:

888-722-5774 | Info@PackingServiceInc.Com

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