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Custom build wooden crates
Custom wooden crate services
Packing Services
Custom build wooden crates and palletizing
Crating and Shipping from JFK airport to Los Angeles
Wrapping Chairs, Palletize and Shipping from NM-ID
Nasa Job Crate and Ship from Virginia to Europe
Packing Services
Crating and Shipping from Indiana to Germany 775s
Containers packing loading services
Custom Wooden Crates
Shipping Custom Crate from Honolulu to Raleigh
Furniture Shrinking Wrapping Services
Wrap Printers Palletize and Ship from PA to Ohio
Wrapping Custom Bed, Palletizing and Shipping
Truck container loading services
Pack computers palletize and ship from NY to Vegas
Furniture Packing Services
Pack Palletize and Ship from Fresno to Alaska
Shipping Palletized Chairs from NY to Saudi Arabia
Furniture Packing Services
Palletizing Wrapping Services
Shinking wrapping build wooden crates and palletizing
Ship Palletized Restaurant Equipment from VA to MI
Packing Services
Palletizing Wrapping Services
Palletizing Wrapping Services
Crating Machinery and Shipping from MD to CA
Packing Computers Palletize and Ship from FL to NY
Shipping Furniture from New Jersey to Florida
Furniture Packing Services
Palletize Ice Cream Machine and ship from LA to NJ
Load Pods Container services
Crating and Shipping from Canaan, CT to Argentina
Containers packing loading services
Truck packing loading services
Palletized 3D PRINTER Machine and Ship from GA to CA
Packing Wrapping Services
Packing Car Parts, Palletize and Ship from TX to AL
Wrap Laser Machine Palletize and Ship from NY to CA
A great & helpful experience, professional and respectful, very big help!
Nanette Brunson

Very Good. The packers worked very diligently and did exactly what he said in his estimate.

Fort Lauderdale Moving To: Roanoke, Texas

Pat Meiseles

Amazing!!! These guys are Wonderful. We had so much stuff and they packed everything perfectly in just over an hour and a half. I couldn't be more happy. Thank you so much!! Also, they were both so nice and funny.
Katherine Marietta
Ft. Lauderdale Fl
954-463-xxxx or 754-367-xxxx

Katherine Marietta

Flat Rate | Moving Quotes Alaska

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Moving Services | Moving Labor | Moving Guys | Flat Rate | Moving Quotes

Alaska STATE

Alaska  Moving Labor | Moving Services | Moving Quotes

Professional MoversWith most moving services, the process can be a very stressful and taxing procedure. When moving in or out, Packing Service Inc.'s professional moving staff offers our customers the option of our Moving Services and Resources to make your transition seamless. When you need to hire a local moving company to transport your possessions from one place to another, PSI will get the job done right and for the agreed upon flat rate quote. Most moving companies offer moving estimates based on steep hourly rates. Other companies also hire reckless day laborers, who almost certainly have no experience in proper moving-labor practices. Avoid the headache and stress of inexperienced laborers damaging or losing your belongings. Packing Service, Inc. uses only professional personnel with at least one year experience providing moving services. These moving scam companies will not work in a timely or efficient manner, and why would they? They know the longer they take, the more money they will make. You work hard for your money. You do not want to trust the security of your valuables to amateurs. Packing Service, Inc. gives our customers only professional service with guaranteed flat rate quotes before the job and not after.

What are the other differences? Others will send a foreman, who might have some understanding of the moving industry, but his main job is to sell you as much packing services and supplies as possible. With Packing Service, Inc. all moving supplies are included in your flat rate. The foreman's main job is to sell and occasionally do a walkthrough of the location and point out several items that in his "professional opinion" are "not packed well", persuading the client to have him or his company repack them, for a fee. At Packing Service, Inc., each one of our crew members will coordinate and inspect every inch to make sure the job is completed in a safe, efficient and timely matter. We pride ourselves on truly caring about our customers.

As a professional company, we at Packing Service, Inc. want to inform our future customers to have you take the proper precautions against disreputable companies' services to protect your money as well as your belongings. Once they finish packing, loading and driving to the new location, they hand the customer a bill that is significantly higher than estimate given. This happens because the moving guys are not working properly, working at a slow pace (if paid at a hourly rate), or have spent their time trying to perform a job in which they have no experience. PSI will not offer estimates, and instead will give you a flat rate quote, and offer our services immediately. Our personnel bring only solutions, not problems, and consideration of your (our customer's) time with careful urgency. With a flat rate quote you can avoid the false promise of cheap labor, which will end up costing you a fortune. As soon as you hear the word "estimate", you’ll know they are the wrong people for the job!


Professional Loading Services CompanyShop around and do research to make sure the company you choose is worth your hard-earned money. Make certain they offer moving flat rate quotes before the job. A few basic requirements when hiring a moving services company are as follows: ask for a verifiable reference; are they registered with the Better Business Bureau and have they been providing services for at least 3 years? Are they knowledgeable and reputable? We at Packing Service, Inc. want you to make the right choice.
Our advice during a local move is to rent a moving truck (Penske, Budget, U-Haul or Enterprise) or if you're doing a long distance move, a portable shipping container (PODS Container, Door To Door containers, PackRat containers) or a trucking company
(ABF / U-Pack trailers) and let Packing Service, Inc. do the packing for you; with our Loading and Unloading services PSI will be more than happy to pack up your entire home, eliminate all your moving concerns and offer you a guaranteed flat rate quote.

Our quote will include the cost of all boxes, materials and the charge for loading your rental truck or PODS container. We will disassemble your furniture (check our loading services page), disconnect the major appliances and carefully load the truck in a professional and efficient manner avoiding any damages. You will not be charged for time or have any additional charges. The price quoted to you over the phone or on site will be the price you pay. In a local move, our loaders will follow your rental truck while you are driving to your new home and we will unload everything for you. Our guaranteed pricing allows you peace of mind with no surprises. We at Packing Service, Inc. pride ourselves in being unlike ANY other moving company in the industry because we do not charge for time. When you are moving out, you want to relocate quickly and correctly, without the amateur services and unethical practices offered by most moving-labor companies. Remember, if you are looking for a bottom line price with no estimates or hidden charges, you will want a PSI flat rate quote.

We are the only moving services company in the industry that provides information regarding moving company scams and how to identify and avoid such unethical practices.

Packing Service, Inc. has no hidden costs, no extra charges, no time charges, and no misunderstandings whatsoever. Professionals providing Flat Rate moving quotes, call today for your guaranteed flat rate quote!
(888) 722-5774 or

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