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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Tony and his staff were wonderful. They showed up on time and worked until the job was done. They were quick and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs packing services.

West Palm Beach to Charollette, NC

Dori Ariniello

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Packing Service, Inc. FAQ - Help

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Packing Service, Inc. - Packing Company & Crating Services - Custom Wooden Boxes - Loading and Unloading Pods Containers, International Container & Rental Trucks

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Crating Services

Packing Service, inc. will do on-site crating jobs where we travel to your location with all the crating materials we need to secure, wrap, protect and fully crate your equipment. 95 percent of our jobs are done on-site but by the customers ‘s request we can pick-up and deliver an item or the customer can drop off the item for crating or palletizing.

Our company specializes in crating delicate and fragile items such as sculptures, glassware, fine china and artwork.  Packing Service, Inc. has over 10 years experience packaging items that are difficult to transport because they can break easily during the shipping process.  We use the best protective materials so breakable items arrive in one piece.

Packing Service, Inc. does not provide forklifts but can rent one for you. In case of items over 500lbs, please make sure to have a forklift at the location to be able to lift the item and place on pallets, if you don't have one please let us know before booking your job so our team can come prepared.

Packing Service, Inc. can provide animal crates for all of your pets needs. If you need a crate to ship your pet to another state or if your pet just needs a regular crate let us know. If you would like to order an animal crate all we need is the size and weight.

Packing Service, Inc. does not have any size limits. Call or email us at and provide us with the dimensions, weight and location of your items and we will let you know the time frame and availability for your crate.

Packing Service, Inc. offers heat treated wood and ISPM certified crates for international shipping. Packing Service, Inc. offers many crating options including but not limited to the following:

Commercial Crates, Residential Crating, Industrial Crates, Domestic Crating, International Crates, Re-usable Crates, Knock-down Crates, Display Crates, Computer Crates, Electronics Crates, IT Equipment  Crates, Moving Crates, Furniture Crates, Museum Quality Crates, Art Crates, Antique Crates, Off site Crating, On- site Crating, Custom Built Crates, Sculpture Crates, Transport Crates, Floating Crates, Heavy Machine Crates and Open Crates.

Customer purchased an antique mirror from Ebay but the seller would not ship the item. The item was in New Jersey and Customer was in California.

Packing Service, Inc. went to the sellers location crated the mirror at the sellers resident and then delivered it to the customer in California without damages.

One of our customers had a Harley Davidson that needed to get crated for international shipping. The customer lived in a condo in California and did not have anywhere we could crate on-site. Packing Service, Inc. had the customer bring the motorcycle to a local warehouse in his area for crating.

Loading Services

Loading and unloading items from difficult spaces can be tricky and sometimes takes a clearly defined strategy. Packing Service, Inc. is a nationwide moving company and offers experienced full-service labor assistance for residential and commercial moves. Packing Service, Inc. can handle hard to load or unload projects including items located in attics and other problematic jobs.

Lumpers, loaders and unloaders are scheduled based on availability.  If you need workers to unload at a specific time let us know so we can accommodate you.

Packing Service, Inc. is a full service nationwide Moving and Shipping Company. We can pack and load in one state and unpack and unload when you get to your destination. Packing Service, Inc.  provides services nationwide so you can use one company for all your needs.

Packing Services

Packing Service, Inc. can pack any item regardless of the size, shape and/or weight.   Common items that we pack are house hold items for moving, fragile china, artwork, sculptures, equipment, furniture, antiques, cars, boats, electronics and machinery.

We do not pack hazardous materials or corrosive materials.

Packing Service, Inc. provides all the packing material. You will not have to purchase any additional supplies on your own for your packing service.

At your request Packing Service, Inc. will unpack your items and pack them correctly for safe transport.

The correct packing solution for international shipping is required by all freight carriers to ensure that your shipment is delivered safely.  Packing Service, Inc. will package your items correctly so your shipment is protected from any damage.

Packing Service, Inc. does not charge by the hour. We provide a guaranteed flat rate for our services and it will be the same flat rate that you agree to, no matter how long packing or moving takes.

Packing Service, Inc is usually booked so it is best to reserve our services ahead of time. We recommend that you call us several days in advance to book jobs.  We do not do same day services in most regions but it is not uncommon for us to do next day services nationwide based on your location. Packing Service, Inc. can do same day or next day service if you are located in Florida, New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware or Maryland if we have room on the schedule.

Packing Service, Inc. does not have a policy regarding new or used boxes for packing.  We can use the boxes you have. Keep in mind we will always suggest the best professional packing options for your items.

Palletizing Services

Packing Service, Inc. can palletize any of your items such as boxes, furniture, equipment and machinery.

Palletized freight is determined by weight and size.  If you have several different size pieces or a lot of boxes you are shipping, palletizing helps the shipment remain together and provides increased protection from damage. If you are unsure Packing Service, Inc. can help you determine if your items should be palletized or crated for transport.

Packing Service, Inc. usually recommends wood pallets with four-way forklift entry for standard jobs. Pallets with four-way entry help to improve handling and reduce damage to the shipment. Packing Service, Inc does provide other pallet solutions for overseas or international shipping. Let us know if you need a specific kind of pallet your shipment.

Packing Service, Inc. will repalletize if the product was palletized incorrectly by someone else.  Stacking pallets correctly requires oversight and management. Pallets that are the same size, same grade, and same material, and same type should be stacked together. This will prevent pallets from falling over.

We provide on-site palletizing services using heat shrink wrap, plastic shrink wrap, and industrial shrink wrap.

Packing Service, Inc. will go to a storage unit to palletize your item if the storage facility allows it. We had a customer who had a vending machine located in a storage unit in Pennsylvania and needed it palletized and shipped to Atlanta.  We went to the storage unit when it opened palletized the item then shipped it to the customer.

Shipping Services

We have a lot of hospitals that ship equipment nationwide. One of the doctors in the local clinic called us to ask how he can ship medical equipment that weighs over 450 lbs from Florida to California.  After he sent us the picture we decide to crate it and ship it because of the weight and different accessories that were attached to the unit. Although every situation is different we can asses if crating or palletizing would be better for shipping.

One company we packed and moved had 85 computers and 40 monitors that needed to be packed and shipped from Florida to New Mexico.  At the last minute the customer asked us to also pack the office documents, shrink wrap palletize boxes of files and ship them.  Packing Service, Inc. went to the warehouse packed the computers and monitors, put the files in boxes, shrink wrap palletized the boxes and then successfully shipped them in time for the companies grand opening.

We do a lot of relocation moves nationwide because people do not have the time to organize the different logistics of relocating.  Our customer got a new job and needed to move from New York to Chicago in less than 30 days. Our customer wanted all the items in his 6 bedroom house packed, wrapped and loaded into a truck.  He also wanted us to ship some furniture to his sister in Connecticut.  After the customer sent us an itemized list of all his things, Packing Service, Inc. packed everything in boxes, wrapped the furniture and loaded the items into the moving truck that was going to Chicago with the family. We then palletized the gifted furniture and shipped it to his sister. Later that month the customer called to thanks us because he did not have the time to plan or organize his long distance move.

Our customer lived in Las Vegas and wanted to get 2 mirrors and a marble table top crated. The customer also needed 30 boxes palletized and shipped to Maryland.  Since all of these items were very heavy we went to her house crated the mirrors and table top on-site. We also palletized the boxes on-site and prepared them for the customer’s  shipping company.

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