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Moving Scam | Long Distance Move | Moving Fraud | Lowball | Scams
Good timely arrival & fast, efficient work, Packing Services, Inc. employees have obviously done this a time or two before, Good crew!
John Bosman

Packing and loading was satisfactory. Done very professional and many thanks.

Miami 33179
Moving to Belize City

Ilana Acusta

It was good job. I am recommended him to do the job.
Ricardo De Laet.
W. Commercial Blvd Moving to: Tamarac Fl

Ricardo De Laet

Packing Service, Inc. did a first rate job for us. They arrived on time and worked non-stop until the job was done to our satisfaction. I would recommend this service to anyone anticipating a move!

Davie Fl to: Chicago, IL

Cory and Regina Springer

Packing Service, Inc. arrived on time. Assessed the situation professionally accurately- proceeded with care for the furniture.- wrapped and loaded the storage facilities neat in the house, cleanliness~ Job well done. Very satisfied.

Packing and Loading Door to door pod containers.

Jenny Sadetsky

I thought the service was excellent and Tony and DJ were very courteous and professional. I will highly recommend them.
Roy Cloutier.
Fort Lauderdale 33313
Moving to: Katy TX 77449


Roy Cloutier
Very Friendly and efficient staff!! Packing Service Inc. came to my office last minute for a last minute packing and delivery, great service & will use again! Rodney & James were fantastic!
Yahra Chevere

Good Job! Thank You
Surang Srimoras.
Pembrok Pines fl 33025

Surang Srimoras

Excellent. very professional
Ellen Gache.
Delray Beach, FL

Ellen Gache

Excellent! Great Job!
Prashtasr Reddy.

Prashtasr Reddy

Good work- knowledgeable and helpful. Had a game plan and did a great job of putting it in to place.

Store-All – Davie Fl
Moving to: Pointe Verde Beach, Fl

Tyler Schneduren

Tony was amazing and professional, fast, courteus. I recommend him/this company to everyone!
Great Job!

West Palm Beach Moving to: Canada

Alex kaganousky

Excellent. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Performed the job quickly and efficiently.


Allison Brow

I had a good experience. They were friendly and professional and knowledgeable.

Sunrise, Fl Moving to: Haiti

Natalie Philippe
Very professional service provided from all there men, I would highly recommend this service. Thank you.
Robert Courtny Peloquin

Moving Scam | Long Distance Move

Moving Scam Information for Long Distance Move

Moving Scam | Long Distance Move | Moving Fraud | Lowball | Scams

Packing Service, Inc. - Packing Company & Crating Services - Custom Wooden Boxes - Loading and Unloading Pods Containers, International Container & Rental Trucks
Free Information about moving company scams and ways to avoid them by Packing Service, Inc. for Long Distance moves.

What is a Long Distance move?
When you move from one state to another within the United States, it is considered a long distance move. If a long distance move is not handled correctly, there will be added stress, worry and disappointment. Amateur moving companies will take twice as long to pack your possessions, their slow and expensive work will be sorely lacking in professionalism. Our customers deserve the best moving and shipping services in the industry; they deserve Packing Service, Inc. to move them smoothly and professionally with no fuss, stress or worry. PSI always provides reliable, professional and courteous service, quickly and efficiently getting your items from your old location to your new one. We always take extreme care of our customer’s items and have become well known for this.  Packing Service, Inc. provides every customer with a Guaranteed Flat Rate Quote before providing the service.

How do shipping and moving companies charge for a Long Distance move?
These companies charge by Cubic Feet, weight and packing materials used:
Cubic Feet:  this is a simple calculation of the amount of space your possessions take up in their truck. Therefore the more room your items take up, the more money you will pay. You can see how easy they can scam you, whether it’s by not packing items tightly together or other unethical practices. Research the company extensively and make sure they have a strong name and reputation.
Weight: Other moving companies will weigh the truck empty and then again after loading with your possessions. The difference between the empty and full weight readings is the amount upon which you will be charged. These companies can scam you in a number of ways: They will weigh their truck with a practically empty gas tank, place your items on it and fill the tank with gas, billing you for the added weight of the fuel. This is moving fraud, plain and simple.
Packing: In this case the moving company will charge for the packing and shipping materials used and not for their time. Beware of their prices; ask for them before you sign a contract or before booking the job.

What are Shipping and Moving company scams and how can I get ripped off?
Shipping and moving company scams will usually start when you get what is called an “estimate”. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book so do not be fooled! Remember- by definition an estimate is a number that will ultimately change. After the shipping or moving company has your belongings on their truck, you are told that because your possession took up more space, or weighed more than anticipated, your cost is now much higher than the original estimate. In most cases you end up paying more than double the original estimate and that is moving fraud. Never get an estimate, always get a flat quote for the entire job!

Packing Service, Inc. GUARANTEES you a Flat Rate Quote on the entire service provided before any items are packed and loaded. 

Cubic Feet: Unethical moving companies will provide you a low-ball rate per cubic foot, but when they arrive to pick up your items, their workers scam you by charging a higher rate per cubic foot, or by simply not packing the truck tightly/efficiently. They then charge you for the added space. It is as if they were just reaching into your pocket and stealing money. Let's say you are moving from Florida to New York and you have an estimate of 300 cubic feet at $3.00 per cubic foot. Your total for this estimate will be: $900.00. This is a typical low-ball estimate; because every company has a minimum for any job they perform. It is usually $1000-$1100.00. If your estimate is less than the minimum, you are being scammed! Just think, the gas alone will cost $350-500, and their employees must be paid as well. Remember NO ONE works for free. If you have let's say 100 cubic feet more, the charge per cubic feet will go up, anywhere from $4.00-$8.00. If they charge you the lower amount, $4.00 per cubic feet, the extra will be $400.00. This is practically half the original low-ball estimate and keep in mind this is only at the lower rate! What if they charge you $7.00 or $8.00? What if you have more than 100 cubic feet extra? If they arrive at your home and wish for you to sign a blank contract (something you should never do), it's evidence of their corrupt practices. If you sign the blank document they will then load everything onto their truck and before they leave, they will give you the new total of what the move will cost and it's usually double the original estimate. By law, there is nothing you can do because you signed the contract. You will be held liable for what the unethical company says you owe them. If you do not pay you will not get your items until you do. If you try to sue them, it will most likely cost you even more than the move itself. This also applies when you move by weight as discussed earlier. Companies who act in this way should be charged with moving fraud. Unfortunately, the law makes this practice legal, so you the customer must protect yourself and the best way to do that is to choose Packing Service, Inc.

Weight: The shipping or moving companies can use a receipt from another person's job for weighing, and you would never know the difference until you see the charge. They can weigh the truck with an empty gas tank and after they load your items, fill the gas tank to the top. You can get a low-ball estimate rate per lbs., which of course would change if you have more lbs. in your load.
Packing Materials: Their packing materials usually run from $20.00-$40.00 per box. They will not mention their packing materials charges until their workers come to move your items. These unethical companies will use as many packing supplies as they can to raise your bill. If you tell them not to pack something, they will have you sign a waiver stating that if they are not liable for anything that happens to your property. In the end you will feel stressed and taken advantage of. So please, be careful, these are shark-filled waters and there are many unethical practices being used out there. They will also fail to tell you that they may unload your items into a warehouse. When they have enough shipments going to your area, they will then re-load your shipment and deliver it when it is most convenient for them. Some companies have also been known to sell your job to other carriers to who will bring your items to your new location. Many times these employees are hired with little or no experience in packing/unpacking, or even how to load/unload a truck professionally. Many companies use Labor Ready guys that have no knowledge of the relocation industry. The worst part is you end up with a company you do not know or trust handling your valuables.

How do moving scams all start?
Various moving service companies will ask you for a list of items you wish to move. These companies are counting on you to underestimate the number of items you have because they know they can and will charge you a great deal more for the extra cubic feet. That is the plan of companies who purposefully scam you before they even step onto your property. It is difficult to estimate the number of boxes you will require until you have packed up your belongings. Then on the day of the move it is obvious that there is much more than the original list; this is when everything starts to come apart at the seams. This is why it is so important to have an accurate list of items. Remember with Packing Service, Inc. we ask all the right questions up front so the quote we provide is the one you pay.

What are the hidden costs of Moving Scams?
The hidden charges in moving scams are mostly for extra Cubic Feet, extra weight, Packing, Long Carry, Stairs and Elevator charges, 
Cubic Feet: More items, more space and more money. It's an old scam, but nothing a prepared mind cannot avoid.
Packing: Each item that the moving company packs or wraps will be an additional charge for you. They will charge for packing and all materials used and their prices are ridiculous.
Long Carry: More than 50 feet away from your doorstep, there will be a charge of $50-$150.00 per 50 feet.
Stairs: There will be a charge of $50-$150.00 per flight of stairs.
Elevator: There will be a charge of $50-$150.00, onetime fee.

Who is Packing Service, Inc. (PSI) and what do we do?
Packing Service, Inc. has been in business since 2003 and in over ten years we have maintained a 97% customer satisfaction rate.  From the onset our mission was to set out to help people who knew nothing about moving scams and to educate and guide customers with our vast knowledge and experience for absolutely FREE. We will help you save time, money and stress when you move. Packing Service, Inc. helps you avoid moving fraud that is so common in the industry. PSI provides only the best in professional on-site packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, Custom Crates, pallet and shipping services for any move nationwide. Packing Service, Inc. is also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau since 2007. We only hire professional employees with no less than one year providing the moving service or services required for your move. We have maintained our strong reputation because at PSI we truly care! Our customers, much like our proud company name, mean the world to us and we will do everything under the sun to protect them. We treat your items as if they were our own.

What is the best way to move?
The best way to move and avoid scams is by getting your own container: Door-To-Door, PODS container, Sam or ABF trailers, or trucks like: Penske, Budget, Enterprise or U-Haul. They will drop off a truck or a container at your location; you (we) will then pack and load the truck or the container. For containers, the company who provides it will pick it up and drive your items to your new location, for the truck you rent you'll need to drive it yourself. This prevents the scam that occurs once you have all your items loaded on someone else's truck and then they hold your items ransom until you pay their inflated price (usually a company who provides an “estimate”). You won't need to be afraid of any moving scams because the truck or the container company will provide you with a flat quote, same as we do. This also prevents your items from being loaded and unloaded again and again as with other shipping or moving companies. Your items will remain secure until you unload them.

How can PSI help me avoid moving scams?
Allow Packing Service, Inc. to do the packing and loading service (and unloading services if needed Nationwide) all for one guaranteed flat rate quote. This way you know the total cost from the beginning. With PSI there are no extra charges and no surprises. All you have to do is get a rental truck or a PODS container and we will do the rest. Movers scam their customers by keeping them in the dark about fees. We, however, tell our customers upfront what all the fees will be. Others give you low-ball estimates to get you hooked, we give you flat rate quotes guaranteed for the entire job.

What are the benefits of using PSI as opposed to using another moving company?
With Packing Service, Inc. you can save money because we do not bill for the time it takes to complete the job. PSI charges only by guaranteed flat rate quote for the entire job and we provide every moving service under one company umbrella. When you use PSI you can rest assured knowing that your belongings are being professionally packed both safely and securely. You will always get an honest and guaranteed FLAT RATE QUOTE. With PSI you will be charged per item and not by the hour, so you know up front how much you will pay for the service with no surprises or hidden costs of any kind. Packing Service, Inc. will increase your knowledge of how the moving industry works by educating and guiding you through the entire moving process as well as helping you know what to look out for. We are the only company that provides info on our website regarding moving scams and how to avoid them. PSI is always here to help you avoid getting taken advantage of by hidden fees and sudden price increases that frequently accompany moving company “estimates”. At PSI we never provide estimates only flat rate quotes. Packing Service, Inc. employees are experts in Packing Services such as: loading and unloading trucks, international containers and pods containers. They are seasoned professionals with the best knowledge in the business of how items should be loaded and stacked.

What are the differences in charges between shipping or moving companies and PSI?
Many moving companies will charge $30.00-$40.00 per box. At PSI we charge $7.00-$18.00 per box (in FL, where are offices are located), and we never charge for time. Don't forget that our prices are more competitive than any other relocation services company. All our employees must have worked for a minimum of one year in the moving services industry. It is the same with every company we work with Nationwide. Those who cannot show this experience will not work for Packing Service, Inc. Most moving companies hire people with no experience in packing, Loading and Unloading services or know how to move your valuables carefully without damaging them. If they charge by the hour, they will waste your time and money working slowly to inflate your bill. Don’t become victims of this type of moving fraud; always get a guaranteed flat rate quote for the entire job.


What is a booking agent?
The person you choose as your mover or the member of a van line company you choose to manage your move for you. Packing Service, Inc. does not have or use any booking agents, as a professional packing services company we perform our own services.

What is full packing?
This is when the movers pack up everything for you. Always keep all legal papers, medicines and valuables of any kind with you. Let our professional team do the packing service for you in just a few hours.

How can I ensure that special items will be treated with extra-special care?
When it comes to sentimental items of great value, it's  always a good idea to bring these items with you. If you decide to let the moving company handle them for you, make certain you clearly indicate what items require special care and that they are marked accordingly.

If you choose to move with a moving company, what is the best way to move?
Large companies such as Mayflower, Allied or North American are ideal when moving long distances. These companies are usually professional and have been in business for some time. However, since they have been in business for so long they tend to be more expensive and some customers just cannot afford their service. Regardless of the company you are inquiring about, always ask for a flat rate quote for the entire job up-front. Good advice is not to use a small company who has been in business only a short time, as these companies tend to close down overnight and open up with a new company name. This is how they hide their bad reputation. Many unethical companies do this, so always do your research and beware.

How do I start the moving process?
As with any company providing you an estimate you will need to provide a list of the items you need to be moved. Make sure this list is accurate and always over estimate for the number of boxes to be packed, that way the price will go down and never up. When companies plan to scam you they want for you to underestimate the number of boxes, so be diligent and honest in your estimation so you don’t leave any room for them to overcharge you for the number of boxes packed. At Packing Service, Inc. we do not provide estimates, only flat rate quotes for the entire job. We ask all the right questions up front to gather all the information regarding what exactly needs to be moved. Once we have this info we provide a guaranteed flat rate quote for the entire job. Always look for companies that provide flat rate quotes and not an estimate, as estimates will always change. Look for companies that charge for the job as a whole and that do not charge for time- we all know people can work slowly to inflate your bill and ensure they get paid more.

How can I get the most precise estimate to avoid the moving scam?
Avoid using companies that provide “estimates” and that charge for “time”. Estimates are prices that change and you deserve to know how much the move will cost you from the beginning. Ask for a flat rate quote for the entire job! At Packing Service, Inc. we ask all the right questions up front so we know everything you plan to move up front. This is how we can provide guaranteed flat rate quotes for the entire job. Make sure you research any company you are considering, check their reputation and it is better the longer they have been in business. Remember to provide all the information regarding your move, don’t leave out items to get a lower price; this will never work. We recommend over estimating the number of boxes so the price can only go down and not up. Provide a detailed list of every item you will require for packing and there is no reason a company shouldn’t be able to provide you one flat rate quote for the entire job.

Which companies should I be aware of and how do I find the right mover for my move?
Research any company you plan to use online at sites such as: or
Get an in-home flat rate quote before your moving date with a guaranteed price for your move that includes all fees and expenses (don't hire a company for your move that charges an hourly rate) and always ask a lot of questions! If a company seems to be ignoring questions or acting unprofessionally in any way, move on until you find a reputable company who answers all your questions clearly. Packing Service, Inc. is the ONLY PACKING COMPANY that provides free information on our website about moving company scams and moving fraud that help you protect yourself from such unethical practices.

Am I expected to tip the guys?
Our employees do not ask for tips as most other moving companies, however it is customary to tip if the job is done professionally and to your satisfaction.

Are Packing Service, Inc.'s movers experienced workers?
Yes! Our employees have no less than one year experience in providing the particular service required. With PSI you will only see professional employees who truly care about the quality of services they provide. We will go above and beyond to make every customer happy on each and every job. With over ten years in the business and a 97% customer approval rating, PSI is the professional company to call for all your moving service requirements.

Do I have to empty all of my filing cabinets?
Filing cabinets, especially those made of metal, can be left full if they consist of only two drawers, but for a four drawer cabinet you should empty the top 2 drawers as they will be more difficult to move with the added weight. 

We at Packing Service, Inc. don't say that ALL moving companies are bad; we just try to help you avoid the moving company scams. We wish you all a successful and a safe move.

We at Packing Service Inc. don't say that ALL moving companies are bad; we just try to help you avoid moving company scams. We wish you all a great, successful and safe move.

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