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Moving Scams | Local Move | Moving Fraud | Scam

Excellent. Tony and his crew worked very hard and took good care of us. They did more than we expected and we would recommend them to anyone!
Loading 53" truck
Ernest Ovitz
Sarasota, Fl

Ernest Ovitz

I had a good experience. They were friendly and professional and knowledgeable.

Sunrise, Fl Moving to: Haiti

Natalie Philippe

Very fast, courteous so nice, I WILL RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY FOR PACKING.
Gary Everett.
West Palm Beach to Cevito Ecuador


Gary Everett

Excellent packing courteous services.
Berle Markle.

Berle Markle

Excellent! Great Job!
Prashtasr Reddy.

Prashtasr Reddy
The service was great, fast. on time and very professional, I would highly recommend them!
Anna Loeb

Moving Scams | Local Move

Moving Scams Information for Local Move

Moving Scams | Local Move | Moving Fraud | Scam

Packing Service, Inc. - Packing Company & Crating Services - Custom Wooden Boxes - Loading and Unloading Pods Containers, International Container & Rental Trucks
Free Information about moving company scams and ways to avoid them by Packing Service, Inc. for Local moves.

What is a local move?
A move that is within 100 to 200 miles in distance is considered a local move. The cost of a local move is determined by a number of factors. It is prudent to consider that a local move may take a few hours or a few days depending on the quantity of items to be moved as well as the services that are required.

Packing Service, Inc. is no stranger to working under various timetables; we can complete any size job in the most efficient and professional way possible. Due to our unique position as industry leaders, Packing Service, Inc. is also fully aware of the many different aspects involved when moving locally and internationally. First you must choose a moving date, keeping in mind things such as: closing date, lease expiration, and work schedules, as well as any restrictions imposed by facility management or your particular community in general.

Packing Service, Inc. will answer any questions and help guide each customer through the entire moving process. We will also give the best pricing and industry information to ensure you have all the tools to help you make the most informed decision. Packing Service, Inc. is the only moving service company that provides you with free advice and protection from unethical companies in the industry known to perform moving fraud, give low-ball estimates and commit other moving scams. Protecting customers from scams was one of the reasons behind starting our company. One of our missions is always to ensure that our customers receive honest and correct information as well as the best possible service in the industry. Packing Service, Inc. cares about its customers and its reputation as a company. We will always strive to convey this to you, our customer. At PSI we don’t just say that we care, we show that we care.
How does a typical local mover charge?
In a local move, many moving service companies charge by the hour or by the number of movers and trucks used in the move. A popular way movers scam customers is by having their workers labor in an unusually slow pace or maybe take long breaks. This is to increase the time spent on-site and the hours charged, which is simply unethical. This ensures that the customer has no idea what the final cost of their move will be until it is completed. Packing Service, Inc. does not charge for time but charges only for the entire job by guaranteed flat rate quote. In most cases, our company will come out to your location and give you a guaranteed price so you know exactly how much it will cost before the actual moving day. You deserve to know from day one what your move will cost. As long as you provide an exact list of all items to be packed and leave nothing out, our prices will never change!

How do moving scams apply on a local move?
Many unethical companies will charge extra for travel time. These movers also tend to work very slowly and use unnecessarily large amounts of packing supplies that they will bill you for. They will only tell you about this when your items are locked in their truck and it is too late for you to do anything. This is just one more moving scam which is used all too often by dishonest moving companies. Be aware of “low-ball estimates” over the phone and online. These companies will underestimate the hours required for the job enabling the corrupt movers to scam the customer by working as slow as they can. When charging by the hour, the more time the movers take the more money they get from you.

How can I avoid the moving company scams?
Research any company you plan to use online at sites such as: or

Get an in-home flat rate quote before your moving date with a guaranteed price for your move that includes all fees and expenses (don't hire a company for your move that charges an hourly rate) and always ask a lot of questions! If a company seems to be ignoring questions or acting unprofessionally in any way, move on until you find a reputable company who answers all your questions clearly. Packing Service, Inc. is the ONLY PACKING COMPANY that provides free information on our website about moving company scams and moving fraud that help you protect yourself from such unethical practices.

What are the best ways to move and avoid moving company scams?
Allow Packing Service, Inc. to do the packing and loading service (and unloading services if needed Nationwide) all for one guaranteed flat rate quote. This way you know the total cost from the beginning. With PSI there are no extra charges and no surprises. All we ask that you do is get a rental truck or a PODS container and we will do the rest. Movers scam their customers by keeping them in the dark about fees. We, however, tell our customers upfront what all the fees will be. While others may give you low-ball estimates to get you hooked, we give you flat rate quotes guaranteed for the entire job.

What you should do if you MUST use a moving company?
We suggest that you do not use a small unknown company. Find a large company in business a long time with a good reputation. Larger companies such as: Mayflower, Allied, North American. These companies are very professional and know what they are doing. However, because they have been in business for so long, they tend to be pricier than smaller companies. In the event that you do hire a company such as this, make sure to ask for a flat rate quote for the entire job up front. Packing Service, Inc. advises not to use these smaller unknown companies because they can often close their business at any time and simply re-open under another company name. Many companies have done this before.This is an easy way for them to hide a bad reputation. Always do your research and protect yourself before the fact!

What are the differences between Shipping Companies, moving companies and Packing Service, Inc.?
Many moving companies will charge $30.00-$40.00 per box. At PSI we charge $7.00-$18.00 per box (in Florida, our main office), and we never charge for time. Don't forget that our prices are more competitive than any other relocation services company. All our employees must have worked for a minimum of one year in the moving services industry. It is the same with every company we work with Nationwide. Those who cannot show this experience will not work for Packing Service, Inc. Most moving companies hire people with no experience in packing, loading and unloading services or know how to move your valuables carefully without damaging them. If they charge by the hour, they will waste your time and money working slowly to inflate your bill. Don’t become victims of this type of moving fraud; always get a guaranteed flat rate quote for the entire job.

Will I have to pay for anything besides labor costs for my move with a moving services company?
You may have to pay for packing supplies and special care items such as televisions or pianos. Always discuss any possible fees with your moving company before you book the move with them.

Do I have to pay for the time it takes for the trucks to arrive at my house from the company's office and back again?
Most moving companies charge for what they call “travel time”, usually to and from their location. Packing Service, Inc. gives you one flat rate for the whole job so there is NO CHARGE for time. We will not charge you by the hour like other companies. PSI unlike the unscrupulous companies out there charges you only the flat rate quote we provided you when the job was booked. Our number one priority is our customer’s happiness with the professional services they receive.Packing Service, Inc. wants to be the only moving service provider that you use and the only one you recommend to friends and family.

Are Packing Service, Inc.'s movers experienced workers?
Yes! Our employees have no less than one year experience in providing the particular service required. With PSI you will only see professional employees who truly care about the quality of services they provide. We will go above and beyond to make every customer happy on each and every job. With over ten years in the business and a 97% customer approval rating, PSI is the professional company to call for all your moving service requirements.

How far in advance do I need to reserve my move?
Always reserve your date well ahead of time. This means as soon as possible! Also remember that movers are busiest from the 23rd to the 6th of each month.


Can I ride with the movers on my moving day?
Moving companies will not let you accompany them in the moving truck for liability and insurance purposes.

Does a moving company need to be licensed?
Every moving company must be "registered" and have operating permits in the state or county in which they operate. Always check these references with local agencies to ensure everything is in order. If a company is not registered this is a good indicator of a potential moving scam.

When do I need to pay for my moving services?
A moving company will charge a deposit to book the job and charge the rest of the bill before they unload. Beware,as companies who scam will do it at this point. They have your possessions on their truck and they will not unload them until you have paid their entire bill. Packing Service, Inc. only charges you at the end of your move when all your items are off the truck and in the designated spot of your choosing. There are certain cases, particularly traveling across the U.S., where a small deposit will be charged from the quote itself.

What is a booking agent?
The person you choose as your mover or the member of a van line company you choose to manage your move for you. Packing Service, Inc. does not have or use any booking agents, as a professional packing services company we perform our own services.

What is full packing?
This is when the movers pack up everything for you. Always keep all legal papers, medicines and valuables of any kind with you. Let our professional team do the packing service for you in just a few hours.

How can I ensure that special items will be treated with extra-special care?
When it comes to sentimental items of great value you might want to bring these items with you but if you decide to let the moving company handle them for you, make certain you clearly indicate what items require special care and that they are marked accordingly.

Am I expected to tip the guys?
Our employees do not ask for tips as most other moving companies, however it is customary to tip if the job is done professionally and to your satisfaction.

Do I have to empty all of my filing cabinets?
Filing cabinets, especially those made of metal, can be left full if they consist of only two drawers, but for a four drawer cabinet you should empty the top 2 drawers as they will be more difficult to move with the added weight.

Will my movers clean my home once my move is complete?
Professional movers will generally clean up any mess they make themselves during a move. However, they don't perform general house cleaning, so you must hire a professional cleaning service or perform the necessary cleaning on your own. Moving company scams can be quite ruthless. The low estimate that seemed great at the start can turn out to be extremely ugly by the end of your move. The service that was promised to be very efficient can turn out to be messy and not very professional in the least. Make certain you do your research and investigate any company that you plan to use for your services. Prevent yourself from becoming a victim of Moving Company Scams.

We at Packing Service, Inc. don't say that ALL moving companies are bad; we just try to help you avoid moving company scams. We wish you all a great, successful and safe move.

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