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Moving Scam | International Move | Moving Fraud | Lowball | Scams

I was very pleased service and professionalism of the movers. The employees were great at thoroughly advising me on how they were packing/loading. Through out the day they were very pleasant and polite. I would recommend this service.
Carmelita Cafarelli.
Pembroke Pines, Fl
Moving to: Portland, OR

Carmelita Cafarelli

Will use your company for our relocation to Chicago.
John Duncan.
Coral Springs, Fl

John Duncan

Very professional work by Tony and Jeremy. They were enthusiastic and helpful and did wonderful work.
Mark Welch.
Davie FL Moving to: El Paso, Texas

Mark Welch
The service was great, fast. on time and very professional, I would highly recommend them!
Anna Loeb

Good Job! Thank You
Surang Srimoras.
Pembrok Pines fl 33025

Surang Srimoras

Great Service, Tony and Steve did a fantastic job- very nice professional guys. Will definitely recommend them to my friends for future service.
David Mazza
Naples, Fl

David Mazza

Good work- knowledgeable and helpful. Had a game plan and did a great job of putting it in to place.

Store-All – Davie Fl
Moving to: Pointe Verde Beach, Fl

Tyler Schneduren

Excellen! on-time fast. I will use again.
Michael Hallorn.

Michael Hallorn

Great all around. Time and packing. Will use again.
Joan Gleason.

Joan Gleason

Excellent. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Performed the job quickly and efficiently.


Allison Brow

Moving Scam | International Move

Moving Scam Information for International Move

Moving Scam | International Move | Moving Fraud | Lowball | Scams

Packing Service, Inc. - Packing Company & Crating Services - Custom Wooden Boxes - Loading and Unloading Pods Containers, International Container & Rental Trucks
Free Information about moving company scams and ways to avoid them by Packing Service, Inc. for International moves.

What is an International Move?
An international move involves moving outside of the country. Packing Service, Inc. can process practically any shipment information on short notice. Ideally, however, we would prefer at least one to four weeks advance notice when you are planning an international move. This window of time allows us to come out to your home and do a visual inventory of the items you require to be moved so we can provide you with guaranteed flat rate quote. It is always good to prepare and have all the information necessary ahead of time.

How do moving scams apply on an international move?
The way moving companies scam on an international move is quite easy- by charging by the Cubic Foot or by the Weight of your goods moved and Packing Materials needed:
Cubic Feet: Moving companies will provide low-ball estimates providing low rates per cubic foot that will sound good at first. When they come on the moving date to load your belongings, the cubic foot rate for every extra item will exceed far beyond the quoted rate from the initial low-ball estimate. You might ask, “How would they know there will be extra space required?" The answer is simple- they will see to it!  It is one of the oldest tricks in the book and a commonly used moving scam. They will not pack up the truck as tightly as they should, to ensure your items occupy much more space than necessary. This scam is well known and more common than you would think. Unethical companies will provide you with low-ball estimates just to get your business. When they come to your home they will try to casually hand you a blank contract to sign (NEVER DO THIS)! They will then load everything into their truck but before they depart, they will show you the new higher bill that is in most cases double the original estimate. By law, you cannot do anything about this because you signed the contract and you will be held liable for what the company shows you agreed to pay. This is the scam where moving companies hold your belongings hostage until you pay their inflated bill. You can always sue them but it will cost you even more than the move itself. This type of scam is also seen when dishonest companies charge you by weight. They do this by billing you for more weight than what your load actually weighs. One way they do this is weighing their truck when the gas tank is practically empty and then after they load your items, they then fill the gas tank, weigh the truck and charge you for the added weight. It is simply moving fraud!
Packing Materials: Most companies will charge you somewhere between $20-$40 per box packed. This is yet another way many scams occur. The unethical company will not inform you of their extensive packing/materials charges until they have prepared your load on the day of the move. Generally your average Packing Company will use as many supplies as they can in order to further inflate your bill. Also, if you instruct them not to pack something, they will have you sign a liability waiver saying that if something happens to your items they will not be held accountable. These scams can leave a person feeling stressed and trapped and it is not what Packing Service, Inc. want your moving experience to be. This is why we inform you of these unethical practices, so you can be careful and know what to look out for. Many moving companies will not tell you that your items will be unloaded into their warehouse until they have a few more loads to add to the shipment to squeeze as much money as they can from their low-ball dealings. No one wants their valuables loaded and unloaded again and again because this allows more opportunity for damages to occur. This too should be known as moving fraud, as it is clearly a moving scam, but is still legal as it is included in the very small print when you sign a contract. In many cases these unethical companies will sell your job to an entirely different company. This means that you will have no idea who is actually moving your belongings. Yet another disheartening example of how unethical companies scams their customers. In most cases the employees they hire to complete your job have little if any experience in safely and efficiently packing / unpacking, loading / unloading trucks in a professional manner. Many of these unethical companies will employ Labor Ready guys who know little of the moving business and are very well known for perpetrating movers' scams.

How can I avoid the shipping or moving company scam for an international move?
Make a list of the companies you are considering for your international move and then go to: or

Get an in home flat rate quote before the day of your move. The flat rate should include all fees and expenses. Remember to ask a lot of questions. If you observe any strange behavior or if the mover seems not to be giving you straight and direct answers, just move on, as there are countless companies out there. Packing Service, Inc. is the “ONLY” PACKING/MOVING SERVICE COMPANY that provides free information on our website regarding moving scams and how you can avoid them. Always be skeptical as to what company you should hire as many are known to use moving scams during a critical international or long distance move. When you do your research and you have all the right information, you can make the most informed decision and hire the best company for the job. Remember chance favors the prepared mind! If you do your homework you can safely protect yourself from these highly unethical moving scams.

What are my responsibilities?
Make sure you know the exact regulations regarding entry into the country that you are relocating to and have all the necessary documentation supporting your move. Packing Service, Inc. will advise you on all the necessary documentation required. However, you should still call the Embassy or Consulate personally to verify all such requirements. You should be present during all the packing and loading of your items as well as at the final destination for your move. While your items are clearing customs it is important that you are available.

How can I ensure that special items will be treated with extra-special care?
Moving these sensitive items by one’s self is always a safe option. But if you prefer to let your movers complete this during an international move, be sure you indicate which items you would like them to take extra special care of during the move. This is why it is extremely helpful to do your homework and hire the most professional company for your international or long distance move. If the company you hire is sloppy with your fragile items, the security of your international/long distance move can be jeopardized.

Are PSI's movers experienced workers?
PSI’s team of experts are highly trained in packing services, loading and unloading rental trucks and PODS Containers. They are experienced professionals extremely knowledgeable in the moving services industry. They know how items should be loaded in the safest and most secure way. PSI employees must have at least one year of experience performing the required moving service to work for our company. Many companies hire people with little, if any, experience in packing/loading your valuables safely and securely. Companies who hire these unskilled workers are usually the companies committing moving scams. These scammers' low-ball estimates may sound good at the start, but it is only to get you to book the job with them. Always make sure the company you select for your international or long distance move is fully licensed and insured to perform your move. Most moving scam companies use inexperienced laborers at immorally expensive rates, and have little if any care for their customers. If they did then why would they cheat you?

What items are prohibited from being imported?
Items not acceptable for either storage or transportation under general mandates of carriage and terms of Standard Liability are as follows:
Foods, cash, bonds, jewelry, alcohol, fireworks, explosives of any kind, flammable gases, liquids, poisons, toxins, corrosives, radioactive materials, ammunition, firearms, scuba tanks, gas cylinders, aerosol cans, butane lighters, other pressurized vessels and pornography of any kind. For your international or long distance move we do not recommended that you include perishables or liquids as they can leak and cause damages in transit.

How do I prepare my appliances?
Prior to the Packers arriving to perform the job, every appliance you plan to have packed should be cleaned and serviced accordingly. Major appliances that use water or produce moisture such as dishwashers and refrigerators will need time to dry thoroughly before they are packed so there is no mold or mildew build up. All mechanical and electrical equipment should be serviced before the day of your move. Numerous washers, dryers, air conditioners, refrigerators, stereos, grandfather clocks and the like have parts that must be secured by a technician before the date of your move.

What will happen on the day of moving?
Packing and Loading: With PSI, when our packing services professionals arrive at your home the day of the move, your valuables will be expertly packed into appropriate boxes or containers ensuring they are safe and secure in transit. Your items will be individually wrapped in paper padding made of shock-absorbing fiber. The paper padding is specifically designed and used exclusively for an international relocation.

How long is this journey going to take?
By air, you should allow for up to 2 weeks. In remote areas it will take longer. If by sea, it will depend where you are going but a reasonable estimate is Europe/USA - 6/8 weeks, Asia/USA - 4/6 weeks and Australia/USA - 8/12 weeks - Australia/New Zealand 8-10 weeks - U.K. to Australia or New Zealand 8-10 weeks.

What method of shipment do we recommend?
There are numerous things to consider when choosing the most suitable service for moving your valuables during an international move. The size of your load, required time of delivery, insurance options, geography en route and your allotted budget will all play a role in deciding which service is right for your move.

Sea Freight is the most common type of shipping method. Household items will be export packed and stored in steel waterproof containers. Containerization of your cargo is important to ensure the safety of your goods. Containers travel secured in an upright position. The height inside the container is 8ft ensuring even the tallest furniture items remain secure and upright. The doors are customs-sealed and virtually immune to tampering. These international containers are normally available in 20ft (1050 cubic feet capacity - a typical 3/4 bedroom home) and 40ft (2100 cubic feet capacity) configurations on all major routes. Smaller 20ft insulated containers (850 cubic feet capacity) are also available to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and larger 45ft containers (2400 cubic feet capacity) are also available to the USA and S.E. Asia. Airfreight has the obvious advantage of speed and is recommended for items that need to arrive without delay such as wedding gifts, computers, business clothing and tools of trade. Airfreight can be cost-effective, even for larger consignments, particularly those to inland destinations many miles from a container port. Consignments are export packed, secured in enclosed airline pallets (igloos) and transported in the cargo hold of passenger or freight aircraft. Transit time by air is typically between 1 and 2 weeks.

What various container services to choose between?
Exclusive Container: When shipping large amounts of property, PSI recommends an entire container for your exclusive use. This container will be loaded and sealed at your home and in your presence.The container will then be delivered directly to the port of departure and shipped on the first available vessel. In most cases the container can be delivered directly from the destination terminal to your new location, subject to local customs and quarantine formalities, thereby avoiding any unnecessary handling throughout the journey. This method is also known as an FCL (Full Container Load). Transit by exclusive container varies typically from 2 to 4 weeks to North America and 5 to 7 weeks to Australia. This form of shipment can also apply if you are shipping a motor vehicle with your household goods where the total space requires a full container for shipment. Through the use of specialized equipment your vehicle will be expertly loaded and over-cased with your household items.
Partial (less than) Container: Shipments destined for other countries are export packed in strong external plywood cases (lift vans) and transported to the container terminal for containerization. This technique is known as LCL (less than container load).

Can I move my car?
In most cases, Packing Service, Inc. can arrange loading your vehicle with the rest of your items into a trailer or container. In the event this is not possible, we will arrange for alternative means. Some countries have an import tax on vehicles that can be so crippling you may be discouraged from importing one at all. Many others will have special regulations regarding the emission controls and have extremely demanding steam-cleaning requirements. Remember learning to drive on a different side of the road than you are accustomed to can be difficult enough without having to deal with a car that is not intended for your destination country's rules of the road.

How can I determine the taxes for which I will be responsible?
An International Representative will provide you with general guidelines regarding taxes and fees. Household goods and personal items are allowed into most countries without significant taxes or fees. All official information can be obtained from the Consulate or Embassy of the destination country you are traveling too.

What is insurance coverage based on?
Most international moving companies will offer a comprehensive insurance policy based on Replacement Cost Protection (RCP) of your items. You must provide the moving company with an itemized valued inventory list (which can be drawn up by us on the day of the packing and loading service) that will detail items with their replacement cost at destination. Ask your Shipping / Moving company about the insurance programs that they provide and the premiums that are charged for that coverage. Never underinsure your items and make sure you include everything on your valued inventory list.

What should I take with me on the plane and not send in the shipment?
Passports/visas, travel documents, medicines, luggage and travel items. In addition, there are certain items that you should hand pack, as no insurance policy will provide you coverage.These items include: jewelry, cash, stocks (or any negotiable instrument), tax returns, medical papers, furs or coin collections (or similar). If you do have avast collection you should check with your moving company to determine if coverage can be provided at an additional premium.

What defining moving terms should I learn?
To avoid moving company scams you should become familiar with numerous terms and their definitions. After learning them, remember to ask the company or service you hire about each.
Accessorial Service: Work performed such as: appliance servicing, extra pickups and storage. Charges for these services are in addition to transportation costs.
Claim: A statement of loss or damage to household goods.
Destination Agent: The agent in the delivery city or locale that provides destination services.
Door-to-Door Moving Services: The moving of household items from residence to residence.
Duty: Fees imposed by a country's sovereign laws on any goods being imported or exported.
Estimate: An approximation of moving costs, size and bulk as determined by an agent's physical survey of a shipment.
Inventory: The detailed list of your household goods, describing each item and its condition at loading. The inventory is prepared for you as your goods are professionally packed and is used as a customs document to clear your goods for shipment. This list can be used when inspecting your items for any damages.
Liability: Maximum monetary sum for which the mover is normally liable in connection with loss or damage of cargo.
Lift-Van: A wooden or plywood container used mainly on overseas moves, built specifically to transport household items.
Order for Service: An itemized receipt for your household items and the agreement for their transportation, including the terms and conditions under which the goods are moved. Your signature demonstrates that your load has been "released to the carrier" for shipping.
Order Number: Identifies each shipment. The number appears in the upper right-hand corner of the order for service. You will need this number when you have an inquiry regarding your load.
Origin Agent: The person who provides services at origin, such as packing and loading services.
Storage-In Transit: Temporary storage of your household goods. If you request storage, check with your agent to see what kind of transit and storage protection you have. Depending on the length of time your items will be stored, you may wish to apply for an extension regarding the protection policy for your goods.

What is a booking agent?
This is the agent you choose as your mover or the member of a van line that will coordinate all dates and services for your move. PSI does not use booking agents, as we are a professional moving service company.

What is full packing?
The movers will pack everything in your household. Keep any legal papers, medicines and valuables with you during the move, as some companies commit moving fraud and may possibly steal your belongings.

Am I expected to tip the guys?
We will not ask for a tip like most other moving companies but it is customary to tip the moving guys for a job well done. Make sure you protect yourself from moving scams and gather all the necessary information by Calling or E-mailing Packing Service, Inc. today. Don't Book a Move Until You Make a Smart Move by Calling or E-mailing PSI.

We at Packing Service, Inc. don't say that ALL moving companies are bad; we just try to help you avoid moving fraud and scams. We wish you all a great, successful and safe long distance move.

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